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Forward Exams

Horace Mann will begin administering the Forward Exam during the week of April 3rd.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has determined that in-person assessment is the only viable method for state assessments. The company that produces the test has no remote testing option available. On-site testing ensures standardized administration that includes equitable access to technology and optimal testing environments, test security, and validity.

While the state of Wisconsin expects all students to complete the assessments during the testing date or window,
we recognize there may be situations where parents or guardians want to excuse their child from testing. If you’d like to
excuse your child from Forward Exam testing, please call Student Services at 715-261-0740 to request more information regarding this option. School personnel do not have the authority to excuse a child from testing without written parental approval.

More information will be provided regarding the testing schedule after break.

6th Grade: Week of April 10 & Week of April 17

7th Grade: Week of April 3 & Week of April 10

8th Grade: Week of April 3