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Welcome to the Horace Mann Athletic Web Page. The purpose of this page is to foster and improve communication between all stakeholders of our athletic program.

It is our belief that athletes will grow mentally, physically, socially and emotionally through their involvement in sports and our program. Hopefully, this growth will result in a healthy lifestyle which will be maintained throughout their lives.

Mark Beversdorf
Athletic Director

Fall Sports

Dave Klug
Jed Weix
Bill Forbes
Brandon Knetter

Cross Country   
Mark Beversdorf
Mariah Woller               

Brook Svoke
Nevan Larson

Keri Keppler
Elizabeth Towey

Elizabeth Kysely
Rachel Crooks
Brittany Raduechl
Paula Hase
Betsy Stangel

Intramural Soccer
Brook Svoke
Nevan Larson

Intramural Volleyball
Terri Tourtillott
Tami Cummings

Winter Sports   

Paul Kilde

Boys Basketball
Andy Meyer
Bill Forbes
Connor Vanderleest

Girls Basketball
Sherri Bagby
Lynette Anderson
Sara Johnson
Liz Kysely

Intramural Basketball
Ken Smith
Darci Mick-Beversdorf

Intramural Swimming
Keri Keppler
Elizabeth Towey

Spring Sports

Lisa Peck
Nate Thome

Mark Beversdorf
Rachel Crooks
Malana Gehrke

Girls Soccer
Brook Svoke
Elizabeth Towey

Intramural Golf
Andrew Marrier