​It is the policy of the Wausau School District to provide a safe environment for a student with known, diagnosed food allergies that are likely to result in an anaphylactic reaction or serious food intolerance without banning the food product from food service offerings. The district works with students, parents, and medical practitioners to minimize the risks of exposure and to provide a positive educational environment for food-allergic and food-intolerant students.

Steps to take if your child has a severe allergy:

  1. Notify the ​school nurse of your child's allergy. Complete the Student Food Allergy/Intolerance Parent Questionnaire and submit it to the school nurse. The school nurse will periodically review the form, but parents can update and re-submit the form as needed.
  2. Each year, prior to the first day of school, provide the following items to the school nurse as needed:
  3. If a special diet is requested, complete the Medically Necessary Food Substitution Form signed by the parent/guardian and physician and meet with the Food and Nutrition Services Manager in your child's school to discuss your child's special dietary needs. Review appropriate menu item selections with your child. 
  4. The school nurse shares information about your child's severe allergy on a need-to-know basis with additional school staff such as teachers, clerical staff, coaches and other support personnel. It is, however, very helpful for you to also make contact with your child's teachers at the start of each school year to inform them of your child's severe allergy and to answer any specific questions and address any concerns you may have. 
  5. Contact the coordinators of you child's before- and after-school, non-school sponsored activities. These activities may take place when the school nurse is not available. 

Provide ongoing, age-appropriate teaching to your child regarding his or her allergy:

  • Name the allergy or allergens;
  • Teach your child how to read and recognize the potential allergens on food labels;
  • Teach your child the steps to avoid coming into contact with the allergen(s) to which he/she is allergic;
  • Practice with your child how to tell an adult if he/she has had contact with the allergen;
  • Practice with your child how to tell an adult if he/she has any symptoms, and
  • Teach your child how to self administer prescribed Epinephrine (only with physician's authorization).

Wausau School District Food Allergy/Intolerance Policy
Food Allergy/Intolerance Parent Questionnaire
Severe Allergy Action Plan
Medically Necessary Food Substitution Form