Pupil Services

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6th Grade

Robb Stengl

7th Grade

Andy Grimm

8th Grade

Sherri Bagby


Jillian Moore


Mental Health:
National Institute of Mental Health - Child and Adolescent Mental Health

For Kids:

For Parents:
familyeducation.com(Tips for parents)
Understanding Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam results (4th, 8th and 10th grade test)

Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Links:
 www.thetruth.com(The Truth about tobacco and smoking)
Parents. The Anti-Drug(Articles and information for parents regarding drug use)

High School and Post-Secondary Planning Links:
Wausau East High School
Wausau West High School

The College Board
The College Board provides information on college planning as well as the SAT test.

ACT Inc. Information for Life's Transitions
ACT Inc. is similar to The College Board in providing information for college planning as well as the ACT test.